Rentals and Events

Pop the big question, share a birthday wish, celebrate a special day, or send a shoutout to a special someone! 

Rent the Cameo Marquee

Your message in lights!

While we are closed, we are offering the opportunity to put your message on our marquee for a limited time (through March 1, 2021). When your day rolls around, your message will appear in lights for all of St. Helena to see!

Your rental fee will help support the Cameo during this time when we are unable to earn 95% of our revenue due to the pandemic. Thank you for your support of the Biggest Little Theater in Wine Country!

MARCH 2021 is full rented.  Please send  your preferred alternate dates and message to Cathy at

The Cameo Cinema reserves the right to refuse any lease for content we judge to be potentially illegal, unethical, controversial or offensive. We further reserve the right to refuse leases for dates when performances are scheduled at the theatre. 

Rental Terms:

----Your message will be displayed on both sides of the marquee for 48 hours, starting at 9:00 am on the first day, and coming down at 9:00 pm on the second day. 
----You must reserve the marquee at least ONE WEEK prior to your preferred rental date(s).
----The marquee may be rented for personal messages, (anniversary, birthday, marriage proposal) however, we are not at liberty to display advertising or any message that may be deemed politically or religiously persuasive in nature. 


Marquee sign (both sides) is $100 for two days (48 hours), for any message  that is split into 4 lines of text, with a maximum of 15 characters per line.

Text for Marquee:
----No offensive, vulgar or profane content allowed
----No international characters available
----Due to a limited number of letters, we may need to edit or abbreviate your text
----Payment to the Cameo Cinema is due in full at least three (3) days prior to marquee minimum posting
Please contact us for further information.